Augmented shopping experiences for the consumers of tomorrow

End-to-end augmented reality solution for the retail, FMCG, and beverage industry

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Augmenting the Future

merge offline to online

Merge offline and online retail journey

digitize stores

Digitize brick-and-mortar stores

consumer engagement

Enhance engagement with consumers

AR content

Differentiation through immersive AR content

data and analytics

Provide untapped insights and analytics

drives sales with AR

Drive sales with AR-abled
e-commerce site

Solutions for Modern Businesses

Omniaz for Retail

With Omniaz for Retail, retailers can make digital twins of physical products for consumers to experience remotely. Products can be viewed in 360° view and "placed" in the real world via AR projection (in 3D with size to scale) to visualize the look and fit.

By taking the guesswork out of online shopping, businesses can potentially lower return rate as customer satisfaction increases after interacting with products in AR.

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omniaz for retail
Omniaz for FMCG

Omniaz for FMCG uses AR to digitize brick-and-mortar FMCG stores by transforming passive spaces and product packaging into  immersive engagement channels.

By providing extended product information, recommendations, and gamified content, brands and retailers can appeal to millennial consumers as well as gather offline-to-online data and insights.

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omniaz for fmcg
Omniaz for Beverages

Omniaz for Beverages digitizes the undisrupted global alcoholic beverage industry and transforms the way businesses market alcohol products to consumers.

It is a holistic solution with a business platform and consumer mobile app, simultaneously resolving challenges faced by brands and retailers around consumer engagement and data analytics, as well as helping consumers make better drinks choices.

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omniaz for beverages

Our Clients & Partners

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User Flow

Why Is Omniaz Right for You?

Quick & easy to apply

We can set up AR experiences for you with minimal effort on your part. No need to change your product packaging, e-commerce site, or anything.

      We handle it all for you

      We will handle all technical and back-end matters such as development, maintenance, and hosting, so you can focus on your business.

        Full control over your content

        Our solution can be used as a self-serviced platform to freely create, add, and manage your own AR content with minimal involvement from our end.

        What's New With Omniaz

        Frequently Asked Questions

        How can augmented reality (AR) be used for retail?

        You can use Omniaz and AR to digitize your offline stores and products, and simultaneously help consumers remotely interact with online products in real life.

        With the online and offline retail journey converged, it opens up possibilities for new ways to run retail promotions, launch marketing campaigns, host virtual events, and more.

        What products can be augmented?

        Anything from home and office furniture, interior décor and accessories, electronic appliances (e.g. sofa, oven, plants, faucet, kettle, etc.) to any packaged goods typically found in supermarkets (e.g. food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, pet supplies, cleaning supplies, etc.)

        Who creates the AR content?

        You have the option to let us create the AR content for you, or if you prefer, you can work with any 3D artists or creative agency to create and provide us with the finalized AR content.

        Can the AR tech and content be created and integrated onto an existing app?

        Yes. You can integrate our solution into any app and e-commerce site that you already have using our SDK or build upon it so that the solution meets your business’ specific needs.

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