Use Omniaz for Retail
for e-commerce

Offering AR capabilities as part of the retail journey increases conversion as higher conversion as consumers are more confident with their purchases after interacting with products remotely.

E-Commerce Integration

Our solution is easily integrated onto any e-commerce platforms you currently use without any migration.

Web-based AR

We use web-based AR which can be launched directly from any smartphone web browser; no additional app needed.

AR product projection

Products can be projected onto real world environments in 3D, with size to scale, so consumers can visualize the look and fit.
AR Configurator
Shoppers can view customized products in various colours, textures, and with add-ons.
360° Preview
Display a 360° preview of your products directly on your website.
Highly Customizable
Fully customized integration button on your site, as well as the background of your 360° preview displays.
Obtain Analytics
Directly integrated to Google Analytics so you can keep track of all data and insights.

Try it Yourself!

Tap either of the buttons below (using a smartphone) to launch our web-based AR solution

View in AR
Mountain Bike

Use Omniaz for Retail
in brick-and-mortar stores

Struggling with store display and floor or shelf space in your brick-and-mortar outlets? With our solution, you only need to place one variation of each product physically in stores. The rest can be "displayed" to shoppers virtually via AR — all they need to do is scan a QR code.

Our AR configurator allows shoppers to view products in different colours, textures, sizes, and with different add-ons, making this a space- and cost-saving solution for businesses with bulky items.

Use Omniaz for Retail
to advertise online

Our web-based AR solution is ideal for advertising online as it does not require any additional app downloads. Reach out to consumers worldwide through social media and Google Swirl with visually rich AR ads.
Google Swirl

Take your digital ads to the next level and increase likelihood or conversions with Google Swirl, where you can promote your products with an interactive 360° model and direct e-commerce links.

Social Media

Communicate with millennial consumers through the social media apps that they already use and love, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Let them experience and interact with your products in seconds.