Augmented Reality for Web

Web-based AR can be launched directly from mobile web browsers. No additional app download needed — a great tool for advertising and driving consumers to purchase your products online.

AR Commerce

AR Projection

Use web-based AR to entice shoppers from ads and social media, and redirect them to your site or other e-commerce sites.
AR projection in 3D allows shoppers to "place" products in the real world to visualize the look and fit, taking the guess work out of online shopping.

Augmented Reality for App and SDK

Entertaining and educational content that are visually rich, interactive, and immersive can be accessed via our smartphone app to keep consumers and engaged and coming back for more.

AR Product

AR Product frees you from the space constraint on product packaging. By expanding in AR, you will be able to display extended product details such as serving suggestions, videos, recipes, e-commerce links, and more.

3D Animation

Engaging 3D animated scene pops up from the product packaging with interactive features, which can be gamified.

2D Animation

AR Portal

Your product packaging comes alive and tells your story in 2D (Up to 30 seconds of animation)
Virtually transport customers to anywhere you'd like for a truly immersive experience.