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Senior Laravel Developer

About Omniaz

Omniaz creates the retail store experience for shoppers, brands and retailers of tomorrow. We enable the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Metaverse via Computer Vision & Augmented Reality technology to enable the digital layer of the store. Brands and retailers can boost the consumer experience via gamified content while influencing shopper journey and collecting all shelf data directly through shopper's devices. Omniaz is scheduled to deliver this solution to the largest retailer in Europe.

Omniaz is a fast-growing technology startup commercializing the AR Commerce solution for brands and retailers in the home industry. Omniaz's portfolio includes several e-commerce marketplaces in Central and Eastern Europe. We work with clients like BRW, De'Longhi, Grohe, Electrolux. In addition, Omniaz develops its proprietary algorithmic solutions in the field of computer vision and artificial intelligence. These solutions are running on generally available mobile technologies and upcoming AR glasses. The R&D team, consisting of the best scientists in the field of AI & ML in Poland, is currently implementing a project financed by the National Center for Research and Development (NCBiR), which you can be a part of. The solutions developed by Omniaz also attracted the attention of Microsoft to become a strategic partner.


We will be building a greenfield platform to manage content and settings that will be used to populate web & mobile applications. The platform will be a SaaS platform accessible and used by retail, eCommerce and brand managers where they can login and create/edit/delete content such as promotions, 2D/3D assets, manage product lines, create 3D viewer widgets etc. These widgets will then be integrated into external eCommerce sites or accessed from the mobile app(s) via API’s. This may seem simple, but there will be a lot of interesting complexity required in this system. The platform will be similar to Google AdWords, but specifically targeting 3D/AR content.

Type of contract: Employment - Full-time - remote




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