Augmented Reality Experiences for Beverages Launched with DRNK AR at F1 Singapore

September 26, 2019
Co-founder of PengWine, Chris Milliken is confident that DRNK’s AR Experiences will “increase engagement and education of consumers about unique wines from Chile”.

During Singapore’s F1 weekend, PengWine launched their inaugural and exclusive AR Experience with DRNK AR. The unique AR Experiences tell the romantic story around two penguins, the bottle of wine they represent and the origins of PengWine in Chile - all in Augmented Reality. PengWine aims to enhance the consumer’s sensory and educational experiences through their AR Experience centered around their wine bottles and brands. Co-Founder of PengWine, Chris Milliken stated during the event: “PengWine is excited to roll out our new AR Experience with DRNK. We are confident that it will increase our engagement and education of consumers about our unique wines from Chile.”

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