Singapore Startup Taps AR on Bottles to Engage Drinkers

December 19, 2019
Realising that alcohol brands are limited by the amount of marketing data they can place on their products, one Singapore startup is tapping augmented reality (AR) to enable them to better engage consumers.

Every bottle of wine or craft beer contains a multitude of information that can enrich the drinking experience, such as its origins, ingredients, tasting tones, and potential food pairings. Restricted by space and design aesthetics, alcohol producers need to be selective about what data they put on the actual bottle.

“Alcohol packaging is limited, so how do you enable more information such as serving tips and producer data such as region and country of origins, to be provider to the consumer,” noted Lukasz Piotrowski, founder and CEO of Omniaz.

“Right now, engagement with consumers is boring because [as] an alcohol brand, there’s only so much information you can put on the label,” he said in an interview with DTC Daily. “You need a digital solution to enable marketing beyond the label.”

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